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LAMS 3.0 Administration

If you are using LAMS 3.0, please use this guide:

If you have any questions, please post them in the LAMS Community

LAMS 2.0 Administration

Important Note!

This guide only applies to old version LAMS 2

 Main components of Admin are:

Central System Requirement Settings

  • General System Administration
    • Color Scheme
    • Language
    • Create Global accounts/users
    • Tool Configuration: In 2.0 this will be mainly listing tool details. Gradually tool configuration options will be added as needed.
  • Course and User Management
    • Authentication settings
    • Create classes, lessons, users, etc.
  • Content Management
    • Content Folders, write/read permissions, etc?

Tool's configuration Settings

  • View/Update installed tools
  • Set default configuration settings for installed tools (Default content, settings, parameters, etc)

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