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LAMS Signup is a module that you can drop into a LAMS server to enable self-registration. It supports course keys, automatic role assignment, and automatic lesson joining.


You'll need to download it from the CVS server alongside the other lams core projects (lams_build, lams_common, lams_central, lams_learning_, lams_monitoring). These other projects need to be present in order to compile lams_signup.

shell> cvs -d export -Dnow lams_signup
shell> ant build-jar
shell> ant build-war

Now in lams_signup/build/lib you should have two files, lams-signup.jar and lams-signup.war. Make sure you've compiled them with a version of Java that is compatible with the version of Java running your LAMS server. Copy the two files to your /path/to/jboss/server/default/deploy/lams.ear.

Next, edit /path/to/jboss/server/default/deploy/lams.ear/META-INF/application.xml, and add the following inside the <application> tags:


Start up LAMS.


Navigate to the admin URL (you'll need to be logged in with the sysadmin role):

Click on 'add a new signup page'.

Here you can select the group or subgroup you want the registrants to be added to, and the options associated with their registration. 'Add as staff' will automatically give the user the author and monitor role.

'Context' will form part of the URL that registrants will need to go to to signup. e.g. a context of 'educ261' will mean a signup URL of which will look like this:

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