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This page is a short record of the DDL schema changes, to help us manage the releases.

Since RC1

  • Removed columns weight and disabled from the table tl_lamc11_que_content (Multiple Choice Tool)
  • Removed column time_zone from the table tl_lamc11_usr_attempt (Multiple Choice Tool)
  • Added new lams_configuration table (lams.xml to DB)

Since RC1 Oct 20

  • added column version int(11) to tl_lafrum11_tool_session;
  • added column report_submitted bit(1) to tl_lascrb11_session
  • tool version number updates (from '1.1' to '20061102')
  • tool default content updates

Since RC2 Nov 05

  • removed voteChangable column from tl_lavote11_content
  • added lockWhenFinished column to tl_laqa11_content
  • added showOtherAnswers column to tl_laqa11_content
  • added randomize column to tl_lamc11_content
  • added displayOrder column to tl_lamc11_options_content
  • tl_lavote11_content - lock_on_finish default 1 (not 0)
  • lams_tool - update laqa11/lavote11 set version = 20061113
  • tl_lamc11_content - add column showMarks tinyint(1) not null default 0
  • lams_lesson - learner_exportport_avail TINYINT(1)
  • insert into lams_configuration (config_key, config_value) values ('LAMS_Community_enable','false');
  • Changed ServerVersionNumber to include 2.0 RC2
  • INSERT INTO lams_supported_locale (locale_id, language_iso_code, country_iso_code, description, direction) VALUES (22, 'vi', 'VN', 'Tiếng Viá»?t'', 'LTR');
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