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The Direct Lesson Launch feature allows you to give learner's a URL which will take them directly to a lesson, rather than going via the normal "My Courses" page. This is useful if you wanted to embed the call to a LAMS lesson within another system.

This does not give single sign-on - to use the URL a learner will need to log into LAMS.

Turn On Direct Lesson Launch in SysAdmin

 The feature is turned off in the standard install. To turn it on, login as sysadmin, select the System Administration menu and then select "Edit Configuration Settings". Find the entry for  "AllowDirectLessonLaunch" and set it to "true" (without the quotes). Make sure you don't accidentally include any spaces - it must be just "true".

Get the URL In Monitor

Log out as sysadmin and log in as one of your normal "staff" users. Open a monitoring window - the url will be shown on the Lesson Tab. Copy this URL and give it to your learners. In the screen shown below, the URL is "http://localhost:8080/lams/". The servername localhost:8080 will be replaced with your own server name on your instance of LAMS.


What will the Learners see?

When the user opens a browser and pastes in their URL (or clicks on a link with the URL), they will be taken to the LAMS login screen. The learner logs in and then they are taken straight to the learner window, with the lesson loaded.

If the learner pastes in a URL for another lesson without shutting down the browser, they will taken to the new lesson without having to log in.

It is very important that the learner's CLOSE the browser window after using their lesson. Otherwise they will remain logged into LAMS and another learner who comes in and pastes in another URL will stay logged in as the first learner!

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