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LAMS 3.0 Feature List

New Features

New skin and responsive design

A completly new look and feel with a full mobile friendly design. 

Flashless Monitor, Learner and Author!

Replace Flash with a completely new HTML5 interface.

IMS LTI integrations

LAMS is now an IMS LTI tool provider (see LDEV-3997) and can be integrated with any learning platform that supports this specification.

Performance improvements for large classes

Improve the speed and responsiveness for the LAMS Monitor UI and monitor tools including paging, search and sorting for student's postings/results/marks/etc.

Ratings and reviews

New central rating system so each tool can implement its own ratings.

Embed rich media, images, videos directly into any HTML editor

The new HTML editor allows you to import media directly from Youtube, TED, Wikipedia, Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Facebook, Prezi, GitHub, and many more! (LDEV-3607)

Reposition students in a lesson instantly

Now you can move students in monitor to any activity instantly. Students get an immediate notification and get relocated to any activity you wish to move them to.

LAMS now uses websockets which allows an instant and realtime update of events between users and teachers.

Monitor UI improvements

Faster search and retrieval of us student's details and progress.

Complete tech stack upgrade!

LAMS 3.0 uses the open source Wild Fly application server, Java JDK 8 and MySQL 5.7.x


  • Include configuration for HTTP Strict-Transport-Security Header (LDEV-3888)
  • 50+ security improvements (LDEV-3315)
  • Replaces SHA1 for SHA256 for password hashing and implement salt (LDEV-3578)
  • Two factor authentication (LDEV-3965)
  • Prevent XSS injection (LDEV-3594)


  • Richer integration features with Moodle/Blackboard
    Add all the students from the LMS when creating a lesson (LDEV-3397)
    Support course copy in Blackboard (LDEV-3399)
    Completion widgets in LMS lesson (LDEV-3402)
  • Synchronize LAMS to LMS gradebooks (LDEV-3424)
  • API to import and use groups from integrated server (LDEV-3621)
  • Clone lessons (LDEV-3637)
  • Remove users from lessons (LDEV-3635)
  • Remove lesson from course (LDEV-3636)
  • API for notifications (LDEV-3761)
  • Allow adding all course learners to a lesson (LDEV-3944)


  • Able to delete future notifications (LDEV-3874)
  • Include time for the scheduled notifications (LDEV-3873)
  • Include Start and Complete date in export
  • Lesson retry (LDEV-3839)
  • Search students in sequence tab (LDEV-3600)


  • Two factor authentication (LDEV-3965)
  • Display runtime stats (LDEV-3468)
  • Option for not displaying stacktraces in config settings (LDEV-4049)
  • Implement password policy (LDEV-4023)


  • Use websockets in Chat Tool (LDEV-3646)
  • Improve performance of message screen by threading messages (LDEV-3443)
  • Improve performance of gradebook pages (LDEV-3554)
  • Improve performance for Monitor UI (LDEV-3598)
  • Improve Gate processing (LDEV-3614)
  • Improve Assessment tool's Excel export performance (LDEV-3628)

General & Usability

New tools

New tool: Peer review

And over 600+ fixes!

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