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Git LAMS repository

In June 2017, the LAMS source code has been moved to Git in GitHub


Marcin Cieslak is the genius that moved our 11 year old CVS repositories into a single, concise and easy to manage central Git project. All the credit to him!


We have agreed that we will three main branches (with occasional/temporary branches for specific projects/works) within the repo:

  • master
  • release
  • lams25

Master: is our main development branch and what you should use if you are planning to do any development.
Release: is to be rename to the latest stable release (most likely LAMS30 or similar)
lams25: is the latest development release for LAMS2.5 under the old JBoss5 app server


Clone the LAMS repo

Follow these instructions to clone the repository and compile LAMS

Committing and adding code to LAMS Repo


Absolutely all code submitted to LAMS repos must have an associate development task (JIRA) for it so we can track and document every code change.

Once you have your JIRA, then make sure you follow these steps:

  • pull from remote master
  • create a new branch (local) and check it out
  • work
  • commit
  • switch back to master
  • pull --rebase
  • merge with commit (no fast forward)
  • push

EGit configuration

If using Eclipse with EGit, to ensure that you use pull rebase, configure it as follow:

Choose "Pull..." instead of "Pull".
Then choose "Rebase" instead of "Merge".
You also need to check "Configure upstream for push and pull"

When you click Finish and on all subsequent pulls your committed changes will be on top of remote master changes, i.e. your local master will be rebased onto remote master.


We still use Fisheye for tracking commits with GitHub as well