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The Properties Inspector

The Properties Inspector is located at the bottom of the Authoring Environment and can be shown or hidden by clicking on the Properties title.
You can also right-click anywhere on the Authoring Space and Select Property Inspector... to show the toolbar.

The Properties Inspector has several features that are common to all activities:

  • Title: This is the name of the activity. It is shownon the Activity Box in the Authoring Environment, as well as on various Monitoring screens, and on the Progress Bar in the Learner Environment. Ideally, the Activity Title should be as short as possible (we recommend no more than about 20 characters.) NB: The Title set in the Properties Inspector is not the same as the Title set up in the Properties page - this is dealt with seperately below.
  • Grouping: All activities can be set to operate in whole class mode (i.e., "None") or in small group mode. For small group mode to operate, a Grouping must be part of the sequence. It is possible to create multiple Grouping Tools and then to choose different grouping structures for each Activity as desired.
  • Run Offline: This allows a teacher to change the Activity to Offline Mode. When learners reach this activity within a sequence, they are given a notice to wait for the teacher's instructions. This allows for the teacher to include, for example, a verbal discussion or textbook work as part of the sequence. Once the Offline Activity has been completed, the learners can continue the sequence by clicking on "Finished".
  • Define Later: This tool provides great flexibility to a sequence, as it allows the teacher the change the content of the activity while the sequence is running. (This is done through the Monitoring Environment by clinking on the relevant tool in the Sequence window. Learners cannot progress to this activity until the content has been added through Monitor.
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