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* [*All Downloads*|Downloads]
** [Windows Installer & Instructions|lamsdocs:Windows Installer Help]
** [Unix/Mac OS X Installer and Instructions|lamsdocs:Unix Installer Help]
** [System Requirements]
** [In Mobile Devices|Mobile devices] (*y) {color:red}{*}new{*}{color}
** *LAMS is Open Source Licensed under [GPL 2||General Public License version 2]*
* [*Integrations*|lamsdocs:Integrations]
** [Moodle |lamsdocs:Moodle]
** [Sakai 2.3 and 2.4|lamsdocs:Sakai]
** [Blackboard 7.1\+|lamsdocs:Blackboard]
** [dotLRN 2.3|lamsdocs:dotLRN]
** [Blackboard CE 6|lamsdocs:Blackboard CE 6] (ex WebCT Vista)
** [Microsoft SharePoint 3.0|lamsdocs:Microsoft Windows SharePoint Server 3.0]

* [Troubleshooting|lamsdocs:Troubleshooting]
* [Need more help?||See the LAMS Community]
* [Teachers and Users Documentation|lamsdocs:Home]
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[*{+}System Administration Guide{+}*|lamsdocs:System Administration]
* [Installing MySQL on Windows for LAMS|lamsdocs:Installing MySQL for LAMS]
* [Installing Wildfire for LAMS|lamsdocs:Installing Wildfire for LAMS]
* [Changing Server Ports for LAMS|lamsdocs:Changing Server Ports for LAMS]
* [LAMS Configuration|lamsdocs:LAMS Configuration]
* [Language Packs|lamsdocs:LAMS Language Packs]
* [Using LDAP for authentication|LDAP]
* [LAMS Integrations with other LMS|lamsdocs:LAMS v2.0 Integration Setup Step-by-Step Guide]
* [Troubleshooting for LAMS|lamsdocs:Troubleshooting]
* [Reporting Problems and Bugs|lamsdocs:Reporting Problems and Creating DEBUG Logs]
* [Set up LAMS over SSL (HTTPS)|lamsdocs:Using SSL HTTPS]
* [And lots more...|lamsdocs:System Administration]

*Production Servers*
* [Configure LAMS to maximize performance|lamsdocs:Production Server Settings]
* [Performance Monitoring|Performance]
** [Test Harness]
* [Performance Reviews|Performance Reviews]
* [Scalability Reviews|JBoss5 Test Results]
* [Clustering]\\
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{note:icon=false}!Dolly the LAMbS^dolly_sml.gif|align=center! {center}{sub-section:version}Current Version: *[LAMS 3.1|LAMS 3.1 Feature list]*\\ _[released December 2018|Roadmap#current]_{sub-section} {center}{note}

*Technical Info*
* [Development Status]
* [Features List|LAMS 2.4 Feature List]
* [Roadmap]
* [Check out our code activity (fisheye) |]
* [Bug Tracker|]
* [Translating LAMS]
* [Technical Overview|Overview]
** [LAMS 2 Architecture]
* [Report bugs|lamsdocs:Reporting Problems and Creating DEBUG Logs]
* [Try the LAMS Demo Site|]
* [Who's using LAMS?|lamsdocs:Who Is Using LAMS?]
* [Glossary of Terms]

*Ohloh Profile*
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*LAMS Technical Community*
* [Technical Forums|]\\
{panel:title=Looking for Teachers and User Guides?...| borderStyle=solid| borderColor=#ccc| titleBGColor=#F7D6C1| bgColor=#FFFFCE}
* See the [LAMS Documentation Wiki|lamsdocs:Home]
{panel:title=LAMS for Developers| borderStyle=solid| borderColor=#ccc| titleBGColor=#CAE1FF| bgColor=#FAFAFA}
* [Understanding the LAMS Architecture|LAMS 2 Architecture]
* [LAMS Server Versions]
* [Building from Source|Building LAMS]
* [Setting up your Development Environment|Development Environment]
** [Plugins and Extensions]
* [Common Java Libraries]
* [CVS Repositories, Branches and Tags|CVS Repositories, Branching and TAGS]
* [Debugging with JBOSS and Eclipse]
* [Current Database and Configuration Changes|Database and Configuration Changes]
* [JBOSS Class Loader Configuration]
* [How to set up JAAS in LAMS]
* [Best Practices]

*Tool Development*
* [Tool Contract]
* [Tool Adapters] (*y) {color:red}{*}new{*}{color}
* [Eclipse Tool Builder|Tool Builder]
* [Starting Tool Development|Tools]
* [Tag Library Definitions]
** [LAMS Custom Tags]
* [Development Best Practices|Best Practices]

* [Tool Adapters]: Adding LMS Tools into LAMS (*y) {color:red}{*}new{*}{color}
** [Moodle Forum|Moodle Tool Adapter] (*y) {color:red}{*}new{*}{color}
** [.LRN Forum|.LRN Tool Adapters] (*y) {color:red}{*}new{*}{color}
* [LAMS & 3rd Party Integrations|LAMS and 3rd Party App Integration APIs]
* [Using External Tools and Services (Tool Wrapper, Adaptor or Decorator)|Using non-LAMS Tools and Services]


How LAMS Works
* [Administration (Course and User Management)|Administration]
* [Content Management]
* [Core Services]
* [LAMS Main Page|Index Page]
* [Monitor]
* [Progress Engine]
* [Tool Contract]

How we Build LAMS
* [Accessibility]
* [Common Java Libraries]
* [JSP and HTML Conventions]
* [Flash]
** [Flash Architecture|Architecture]
* [Error Handling|Error Messages in Jsps]
* [Licensing|Licensing, Copyright and CVS Keyword Expansion]
* [Technical Presentations]
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