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h1. Image Gallery

{info:title=LAMS 2.3 Feature}The Image Gallery Tool is an upcoming feature of [LAMS version 2.3 |lams:Roadmap#LAMSv2.3]{info}

{excerpt}The *Image Gallery* tool allows authors and learners to upload a series of image to LAMS and review and rate them.{excerpt}
{lozenge:icon=!home^clapper.png!|color=blue|title=Animated Tutorial|arrow=none|link=}This animation describes how to create and use the *Image Gallery* activity.{lozenge}



All images used in these screenshots are released under [CC-by-nc-nd-2.0|] and can be sourced from [flickr|]

* red & yellow \| nokapixel
* Estátua da Liberdade \| brunodini
* 0907o 264 (orange butterfly) \| tsiya
* 0907o 130 (yellow buttefly) \| tsiya
* FZ20JUL10 088 (bee on red flower) \| tsiya
* Fly Like butterfly .... Sweet like a bee \| gmayster01
* 0104 (airplane) \| radiationalley