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h1. Video Recorder Tool
{excerpt:visible=true}The LAMS *Video Recorder* tool allows authors to records instructions for their learners and embed them into a sequence.{excerpt}

The Video Recorder comes as a seperate activity, which allows learners to upload their own videos and optionally comment and rate on each others recordings,
and the tool also includes a FCKEditor plugin, which allows Authors to record a video and insert it into *any activity* they choose.

|| !plugin.png|thumbnail! || \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ Showing the FCK video recording plugin. \\ This is Paul - he writes code. ||

{note:title=Configuring a Red5 Media Server.}
The Video Recording tool requires a Red5 media server. Here's the information for [installation and configuration of Red5 for LAMS|Installing a media server (Red5) for LAMS].

{info:title=Learning Library Management} To enable the use of the standalone Video Recorder, a _System Administrator_ must enable the use of the tool. (These instructions apply to LAMS v2.3 and above.)
# Click *System Administration*
# Click *Learning Library Management*
# Find the 'Video Recorder' line and click *Enable.*
# The Video Recorder activity will now be available in the Authoring environment.

h2.{toggle-cloak:id=author|exclusive=true}Authoring with the Video Recorder
{toggle-cloak:id=author|exclusive=true}Click to expand/contract.

h2.{toggle-cloak:id=learner|exclusive=true}Learning with the Video Recorder
{toggle-cloak:id=learner|exclusive=true}Click to expand/contract.

h2.{toggle-cloak:id=monitor|exclusive=true}Monitoring with the Video Recorder
{toggle-cloak:id=monitor|exclusive=true}Click to expand/contract.