From the 600+ sequences available in the LAMS Community, now you can add them into your own blog by using the Embedding feature.

The Embedding automatically add a Preview button so you can preview the lesson directly from your own blog! (yes, no need to sign in!

Here's an example:

LAMS Sequence: Your Amazing Brain
By: Kristian Besley License:


| | | |

And another:

LAMS Sequence: Capitals of the Americas and Europe (Super Hero Assessment)
By: Ernie Ghiglione License:


| | | |

Very cool! (smile)

Now go and embed your sequence in your own blog!

LAMS has a new easy-to-use Mac OS X installer!

See the Mac OS X Installer Help for further details.



LAMS 2.3.4 released!

A new upgrade for LAMS is now available. Have a look here for further details.



LAMS 2.3.3 released!

A new upgrade for LAMS with lots of bug fixes and optimisations is now available, see here for further details.



The 4th International LAMS & Learning Design Conference will take place in Sydney, Australia on the 4th December, 2009.

The focus of the conference will be on Open Education. We will be looking at technologies, applications and approaches that support sharing, collaboration and open access to knowledge and resources. What are the differing implications for individuals and organisations? Importantly, we want to capture the experience of those who have used LAMS & Learning Design and share some of the lessons learnt about Open Education in higher education, the K-12 sector, vocational and professional education.

Call for papers now open! Proposals due 4th September, 2009.

For further information, please visit the site

LAMS Scales Up!

We've been working on the side to migrate LAMS to the latest JBoss Application Server (v5.1). The reason we were doing so is to take advantage of all the new libraries and features that are available with this version and future java versions ahead. Additionally, because we believed that performance can also be improved.

So we have run some scalability test with jboss5 and we are very happy with the results.

The analysis of the results show that LAMS can run about 1000 (yes! one thousand) concurrent learners on an normal PC desktop with quite reasonable average response times.

This is quite a significant improvement from LAMS v2.3 and orders of magnitude better than any 2.2 and earlier versions. And even better, there's still some more room to improve. Have a look at the LAMS Scalability Test for all the details. (see )

This is indeed great news as LAMS as it can deliver a lot more with very little hardware infrastructure. If you need more though, you can LAMS can always scale to larger hardware and clusters.

Big kudos to the team and specially Marcin for his work on this. It was a big and complex task and by doing this he also fixes some other very ugly issues we had, so Marcin, many many thanks!

We are hoping to see this in the next 2.4 release in a few months.



I'm delighted to announce that LAMS won a Gold Award at the IMS Learning Impact Awards on May 13th in Barcelona, Spain.
This award recognises the impact of LAMS and the LAMS Community as a significant innovation in teaching and learning against a competitive global field.

This award is only possible because of the amazing efforts of the LAMS team (past and present), so my great thanks to them, as well as to everyone from the LAMS Community who has helped contribute to the success of LAMS.

Congratulations also to all the other awardees - further details here.

- James Dalziel

LAMS 2.3 Testing!

LAMS 2.3 is on it final stages and getting closed to be released!

It comes with a ton of very cool features and fixes that will make your LAMS experience a lot better.

But in order to get this release out to you quicker, we need your help!

You can be part of the release by helping Test LAMS v2.3. All it takes is for you to sign up for a testing account and have a play with the latest LAMS. If you find any errors or have comments on how to improve some features, post them in the LAMS Community.

For more instructions on what/how to test, read this posting.


Ernie Ghiglione

We've been working on a new Video Recording Tool that works in a similar fashion as a Forum but with video and voice!

As teacher, you can record a "starting point" video for to kick off the conversation. Then the students can share their videos, add comments and ratings to each other's videos.

We also implemented this as a video plugin for the Online HTML Editor, so in any LAMS Activity, you can embed your video recording!

Very cool new tool!

Just released are two brand new tools for LAMS:

  • The Pixlr Image Editing Activity
    Allows authors and monitors to upload an image that can then be edited by learners and saved back to LAMS - all in the browser, without any software to download!
  • The Image Gallery Activity
    Allows authors and learners to upload a whole bunch of images to LAMS that can then be commented and rated.
LAMS 2.2 Available!

We are proud to release LAMS 2.2 as the latest stable version. This new release has lots of new features and improvements including Text-based Branching, so teachers can create branching conditions based on text output from tools.

LAMS 2.2 includes improvements like:

Also, there are four new tools:

There is also optional integration with Dimdim for whiteboard, desktop sharing, audio-video conferencing.

LAMS v2.2 is available in 27 languages thanks to our great group of translation volunteers!

Check out here for more information, downloads, documentation, etc.

LAMS now features text-based conditions for activities where Learners enter a response. This means that you can automatically search Q&A, Chat and Forum for specific words or phrases and use these to stream Learners into Branches.

Text-Based conditions are now available in the:

A new activity for LAMS is currently in the works - Using the dimdim conference system, the Dimdim activity allows authors to create real-time collaborative web conferences from within a LAMS sequence.

For the moment, there's an animation showing how the Dimdim application works. Technical and User Documentation is coming soon.
Click here to view the animation.

Google Gadgets

We've just created an animation demonstrating how Authors can include Google Gadgets (external link) as part of LAMS Sequences.

There are also some demonstration sequences which have been added to LAMS Central for viewing.

Christophyer Alexander from The University of Nicosia, Cyprus has published an article on LAMS in Teaching English with Technology: A Journal for Teachers of English (ISSN 1642-1027, Vol. 8, Issue 3, July 2008).

Click here to read an abstract.