Basic Tab =Instructions are displayed to learners to help them complete the required task. You can use the rich-text editor to customise your instructions text. =The resource list shows all the different resources that are attached to this activity. To add a new resource, select one of the labels below. You can edit or delete existing resources by clicking the pencil or cross. =The title is the 'name' of the resource. You can make the title anything you want. =Use the URL resource to send learners to a location on the Internet. =When enabled, this option means that the web page resource will open in a new browser window. =Use the File resource type to attach something to the activity, be it a video, image, document, etc. =The 'Zipped Website' resource allows you to upload an entire custom web site to the activity for learners to browse. The website must be saved in a self-contained .ZIP file, containing all HTML pages and related assets, as well as a page named index.htm in the root folder of the .ZIP file. ='Share Resources' allows you to upload IMS content packages for learners to view.

Advanced =Enabling this option in Share Resources will only have an effect if Learners are permitted to add their own resources to the activity. If enabled, Learners will not be able to add new resources after they have clicked "Finished" on the activity, but will be able to view the activity through the Progress Bar in the Learning Environment. =When enabled, this option will take Learners directly to the resource screen, bypassing the Share Resources Activity page. Note that when this option is enabled, the information entered under 'Instructions' on the previous tab will not be displayed, nor will Learners be able to add their own resources to the activity. You can add Instructions to the specific resource on the basic tab if required. =Use this option to specify how many resources learners must view before they are allowed to complete the activity. Note: "Minimum to complete" only applies to resources added by the teacher during authoring (not any additional resources added via the file and/or Web page Option at run-time). =When enabled, Learners can add their own Internet links to the activity. These are viewable by all other learners and monitors. =When enabled, Learners can attach their own files to the activity. These are viewable and can be downloaded by all other learners and monitors. =Send an email to sequence monitors when a Learner submits a file or URL. (Note: This requires LAMS to be set up to use an SMTP server. Contact your System Administrator if you are not sure.)