The Add Lesson Wizard is a new feature added to LAMS in version 2.3.

It replaces the 'Add Sequence' dialogs from previous versions.

Using the Add Lesson Wizard

To open the Add Lesson Wizard, click the button for a group (or for subgroups).

(warning) Note that you need monitoring privileges to be able to add a lesson to a group.

This will open the Add Lesson Wizard:


This allows you to select sequences from your Personal Folder, your Groups folder and the Public folder.

If you don't need to configure other options, click will start the lesson immediately.

Selecting Learners and Monitors

The Class tab allows you to select the teachers and monitors for the lesson.


You can drag-and-drop learners and monitors from the unselected to the selected list, and vice versa.
(warning) Note that while some monitors may have learner permissions, you cannot drag a monitor to either learners list, or a learner to a monitor list.

Multiple learners or monitors can be selected by holding down the Control key and clicking the user names.

Advanced Options


You can add lesson details in the Description field. These will appear when the learner hovers over the sequence name on the Home screen.