Viewing Your Grades (Learners)

If it has been enabled in the course monitor pages, Learners can click on to view their marks for all the lessons in a course.

This page is basically a place where learners can visit and get all the current results and grades from the lessons in a course. They will be able to see results and averages for lessons as well as the activities in them.

The default view for "My Grades" gives a list of lessons in a course which the current learner is a member of. This is a read-only view that contains only information about the current user's grades. The columns that appear by default are: Lesson Name, Sub-Group (if the lesson was for a sub-group), Progress (finished/in progress/not started lesson), Lesson Feedback, Average Mark (for the lesson), Mark (learner's mark for the lesson).

If you click the icon next to a lesson name, it will expand and show you a view of all the activities for that lesson, and the marks that the current learner got for them.  The columns in this sub-grid are: Activity Name, Progress (attempted/completed/not attempted), Average Mark (for the activity) and Mark.