{sub-section:beginners}|| About LAMS ||
| * [*What is LAMS?*|About LAMS#whatIs] \\ What is LAMS, and what does it do? |
| * [*Why would I use LAMS?*|About LAMS#whyUse] \\ Some of the benefits of using LAMS. |
| * [*What's NEW in LAMS 2?*|About LAMS#whatsNew] \\ What new features are available in the new version? |
| * [*Who else is using LAMS?*|Who Is Using LAMS?] \\ Where is LAMS being used? Read some case studies and reports. |
| * [*Where can I try out LAMS?*|http://demo.lamscommunity.org/] \\ You can register for a free account on the LAMS 2 Demonstration Server [here.|http://demo.lamscommunity.org/] |
| * [*Where can I download LAMS?*|lams:Downloads] \\
This is where you can download and install LAMS on your own server. |
| * [*The LAMS Community* \- Share your LAMS Sequences\!|http://lamscommunity.org] \\ The LAMS community is a Global community for LAMS Teachers and Learners, sharing LAMS sequences from around the world. |
| * [*LAMS Integrations*|Integrations] \\ LAMS can be installed as part of another LMS.  [Click here to find out how.|integrations]
|| For Learners and Students who are New to LAMS... ||
| * Check out the [*LAMS 2 Learner's Guide*|learner] for information on navigating and learning within LAMS. |
|| For Teachers and Instructors who are New to LAMS... ||
| * Learn how to *Create* sequences using the [*Authoring Environment.*|authoring]
* Learn how to *View Learners' Progress* in the [*Monitoring Environment*|monitoring]
* [Use the FCKEditor|FCKEditor] \\ Learn how to use LAMS inbuilt text editor.
{lozenge:icon=!clapper.png!|link=LAMS Tutorials|arrow=none|title=Animated Tutorials|color=blue}{*}If you're new to LAMS,* these animations will get you up to speed.
These links will take you to written documentation about using the Standard LAMS activities to their full potential.
\\  *Click the Icon or Text to jump to the appropriate section.*
{sub-section:activities}|| [!laasse10^laasseIcon.png|align=centre!|laasse10] [*Assessment*|laasse10] || [!lachat11^lachatIcon.png|align=centre!|lachat11] [*Chat*|lachat11] ||
|| [!ladaco10^dacoIcon.PNG|align=centre!|ladaco10] [*Data Collection*|ladaco10] || [!laddim10^ddimIcon.png|align=centre!|laddim10] [*DimDim Conference*|laddim10] ||
|| [!lafrum11^lafrumIcon.png|align=centre!|lafrum11] [*Forum*|lafrum11] || [!lagmap10^lagmapIcon.PNG|align=centre!|lagmap10] [*Google Maps*|lagmap10] ||
|| [!laimag10^laimagIcon.png|align=centre!|laimag10] [*Image Gallery*|laimag10] || [!lamind10^lamindIcon.png|align=centre!|lamind10] [*Mindmap*|lamind10] ||
|| [!lamc11^lamcIcon.png|align=centre!|lamc11] [*Multiple Choice*|lamc11] || [!lantbk11^ntbkIcon.png|align=centre!|lantbk11] [*Notebook*|lantbk11] ||
|| [!lanb11^lanbIcon.png|align=centre!|lanb11] [*Noticeboard*|lanb11] || [!lapixl10^lapixlIcon.png|align=centre!|lapixl10] [*Pixlr Image Editor*|lapixl10] ||
|| [!laqa11^laqaIcon.png|align=centre!|laqa11] [*Question and Answer*|laqa11] || [!lascrb11^lascrbIcon.png|align=centre!|lascrb11] [*Scribe*|lascrb11] ||
|| [!larsrc11^larsrcIcon.png|align=centre!|larsrc11] [*Share Resources*|larsrc11] || [!lasprd10^lasprdIcon.png|align=centre!|lasprd10] [*Spreadsheet*|lasprd10] ||
|| [!lasbmt11^lasbmtIcon.png|align=centre!|lasbmt11] [*Submit Files*|lasbmt11] || [!lasurv11^lasurvIcon.png|align=centre!|lasurv11] [*Survey*|lasurv11] ||
|| [!latask10^lataskIcon.png|align=centre!|latask10] [*Task List*|latask10] || [!lavidr10^lavidrIcon.png|align=centre!|lavidr10] [*Video Recorder*|lavidr10] ||
|| [!lavote11^lavoteIcon.png|align=centre!|lavote11] [*Voting*|lavote11] || [!lawiki10^lawikiIcon.png|align=centre!|lawiki10] [*Wiki*|lawiki10] ||
You can also learn about how to use the *Sequence Management Tools* in LAMS:
|| \\ [!lagat11^stop_gate.PNG|align=centre!|lagat11] [*Sequence Gates*, (Stop Points)|lagat11] ||[!labranch21^branch_icon.PNG|align=centre!|labranch21] [*Branching Tool*|labranch21] ||
|| \\ \\ [!lagrp11^grouping_icon.PNG|align=centre!|lagrp11] [*Grouping Tool*|lagrp11]|| [!optionals^optIcon.PNG|align=centre!|optionals] [*Optional Activities and Sequences*|optionals] ||
|| [!Support Activities^supportIcon.png|align=centre!|Support Activities] *[Support Activities]* || \\ \\ [!Gradebook Course Monitor^courseGradebookBut.png|align=centre!|Gradebook] [*LAMS Gradebook*|Gradebook] ||
{lozenge:icon=!black-server.png!|link=system administration|arrow=none|title=System Administrator's Guide|color=gold}Click here for guides to LAMS Installation and Configuration.{lozenge} \\
{lozenge:icon=!iphone icon_64.png!|link=lams:mobile devices|arrow=none|title=Using LAMS On Mobile Devices|color=purple}Click for information on LAMS in phones and ultra-mobile devices.{lozenge}
{sub-section:sysadmin}|| Installation and Configuration ||
| * Using the [Windows Installer|Windows Installer Help]and [Backup up and Restoring LAMS on Windows|Revert To Windows Backup]
* Using the [Unix and Linux Installer|Unix Installer Help] and [Backup up and Restoring LAMS on Unix, Linux and Macintosh|Revert To Other Backup]
* Building [LAMS manually|lams:Building LAMS]
* [Installing MySQL on Windows for LAMS]
* [Moving MySQL to another Server]
* [Installing Wildfire for LAMS]
* [Install the Media Player plugin for LAMS|flvplayer]
* [Configuring Multiple LAMS Instances on One Machine]
* [Changing Server Ports for LAMS]
* [Production Server Settings]
* [LAMS Configuration]
* [LAMS/LMS Integration Setup|Integrations]
* Updating the translations using a [Language Pack|LAMS Language Packs]
* Supporting [Math formulae|jsMath] in LAMS |
|| General Administration ||
| * [Reporting Problems and Creating DEBUG Logs]
* [(*y) *Add a Google Maps API Key*| Google Map Key ]
* [Troubleshooting|Troubleshooting]
* [Import Users] |

Head over to http://lamscommunity.org/ and post in the Technical Forums/

LAMS 2 is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation.

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