RAMS Features

In order to satisfy the Essential Use Cases there are the list of features we need to achieve

RAMS Projects

RAMS organizes activityflows around projects. These RAMS projects are essentially a set of individuals that work together to attain certain goals and objectivies. Each individual within the group has one or more roles in the project.

Projects can also be subdivided into teams, which also have roles.

Edit on the fly

Live Edit is the ability to modify an running activityflow while is running thru the Monitor interface.

Data in/out (including across sequences)

Outputs from activities can affect the activityflow. Therefore activities should be able to interpret output from other activities as input


We should be able to create branches based on

Branches should be able to merge at the end

Or continue on to the end on their own branch

Or have a activity-less branch before merging



Based on an output of an activity, syncronization, or user defined!loop.jpg|align=center!
Issues to take into account:


Event based notifications: when a particular event occurs, notify a party or group. The means for notifications can be various (email, sms, IM, etc).


Roles with a project and also within activityflows

Given that RAMS projects have roles, when creating and running activityflows for a particular project, RAMS permits certain tasks to be mapped to these roles.


Roles within activities

Given that we have roles at the activityflow level, RAMS activities should be able to use those roles within their own activity workflows.


The ability to spawn sequences given an event.

Being able to aggregate several activityflows in a larger activityflow