Share Resources

Share Resources allows teachers to add content into a sequence, such as URL hyperlinks, zipped websites, individual files (Adobe PDF's, Powerpoints, Flash Files) and even complete learning objects.

The tool can also be set to allow teachers and/or learners to add content to the activity at "run-time" (i.e., during a sequence session.)

This animation describes how to create and use the Share Resources activity.

... and Forum


The Share Resources and Forum Activity combines a Share Resources Activity with a Forum Activity which allows Learners to create Forum postings based on resources by provided by the sequence author, or from resources that they add to the activity themselves.
When used in small group mode, the tool creates parallel Forum and Scribe areas for each small group, and then shows the outcome of each group collated on a whole class page.

Authoring a Forum and Resource Sharing is as explained here, except that the Forum replaces the Chat.