The Notebook Activity is a tool for learners to record their thoughts during a sequence.

In much the same way that the advanced Reflection feature is used, the Notebook tool allows the teacher to include a specific activity during a sequence that requires Learners to write down their thoughts or opinions. As a result, the learner cannot progress to the next activity until they have written in their Notebook. The input to the Notebook is automatically recorded as a fixed entry that is viewable by the teacher.

This animation describes how to create and use the Notebook activity.

The Notebook is different from the Learner's Private Notebook or Scratchpad found in the lower left-hand corner of the Learner view, which they can choose to use (or not) at any time during the sequence. These entries are usually private to the learner (ie, not viewable bu the teacher), but can be converted from Private Scratchpad entries into Monitor-Viewable Journal entries.