To share the load across multiple servers, you can put MySQL on a different server to the rest of LAMS. LAMS itself is easy to configure but writing the install programs is much harder when MySQL is on another server.

At present, the install programs will only install LAMS from scratch if you have MySQL on the same server as the rest of LAMS. This will be changed in a future version. But as of version
2.0.3, the LAMS upgrade utilities will support MySQL sitting on another server, so you can install LAMS with MySQL on one computer and then move MySQL to another server.

To move MySQL, follow these instructions.

We assume that anyone trying this is an experienced administrator. We've tried to give you general instructions here but you may need to read some of the MySQL online documentation to work out some steps.


Install LAMS, dump the database and reconfigure LAMS

Setup the database on the database server

The following code should do the renames (this code is untested so please let us know if it doesn't work).

RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_blob_triggers TO lams_qtz_BLOB_TRIGGERS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_calendars TO lams_qtz_CALENDARS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_cron_triggers TO lams_qtz_CRON_TRIGGERS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_fired_triggers TO lams_qtz_FIRED_TRIGGERS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_job_details TO lams_qtz_JOB_DETAILS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_job_listeners TO lams_qtz_JOB_LISTENERS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_locks TO lams_qtz_LOCKS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_paused_trigger_grps TO lams_qtz_PAUSED_TRIGGER_GRPS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_scheduler_state TO lams_qtz_SCHEDULER_STATE;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_simple_triggers TO lams_qtz_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_triggers TO lams_qtz_TRIGGERS;
RENAME TABLE lams_qtz_trigger_listeners TO lams_qtz_TRIGGER_LISTENERS;


Check LAMS Works Okay

Update Registry: Windows only

Click on image to see full size version of the registry settings.