LAMS Integration with Sakai 

Demo Server

If you want to try the LAMS - Sakai integration, we have set up a Sakai server where you can experience the integration for yourself without having to install it.

Follow the animation to self-register into the Sakai server and you are ready to go!

Getting the LAMS-Sakai Module

You can download the LAMS module for Sakai from our Downloads or you can download the source straight from our CVS server

Source Installation

1. Follow the instructions in the Install Guide for Sakai 2.4.  If you wish to use Sakai 2.5, please follow the instructions in the Development Environment Setup Walkthrough

2. Checkout the lams project from the Sakai subversion repository at

    For help using subversion, please see here

   You will need to place the project under the sakai-src folder.  This is required since the project references the master/project.xml file.

3. From the lams directory, run the command

    Sakai 2.4 or earlier: maven bld dpl

    Sakai 2.5 or later: mvn clean install sakai:deploy

4. Add the following lines in the file. This is located in the CATALINA_HOME/sakai directory.

    lamstwo.serverId = <server id>
    lamstwo.serverKey = <server key>
    lamstwo.serverAddr = <lams server address>
    lamstwo.requestSrc = <request source>

    Substitute <server id>, <server key>, <lams server address> and <request source> with appropriate values

6. Start Tomcat and check for any start up errors.

Setting LAMS Up

Once you have installed the LAMS-Sakai Module in Sakai, now you need to set up LAMS:

1. login in LAMS as a sysadmin (the user that you created at installation time)

2. Select the "Sys Admin" link.

3. Select "Maintain Integrated Servers".

4. Setup the fields as appropriate.

Having problems?

Need troubleshooting

Post a message in the Tech Forums in the LAMS Community.