LAMS 2.0 Documentation

What is LAMS?

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LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. It provides teachers with a highly intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. These activities can include a range of individual tasks, small group work and whole class activities based on both content and collaboration. LAMS can be used as a stand alone system or in combination with other learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle, WebCT or BlackBoard.

LAMS provides teachers with a visual authoring environment for creating, storing and re-using sequences of learning activities. Teachers drag and drop activities into the authoring interface and then join the activities together to produce a learning sequence. This workflow model is what principally distinguishes LAMS from other more content based LMS by providing teachers and learners with sequences of activities with a high level of interactivity and collaboration. LAMS has a wide range of tools designed to be used for a range of pedagogical approaches, by teachers and students with varying levels of technical expertise.

See a video on the fundamentals of LAMS

Why would I use LAMS?

There are many key benefits on why using LAMS, here are just a few:

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LAMS Authoring


LAMS Monitor


Chat Tool
Forum Tool
Multiple Choice Tool
Noticeboard Tool
Notebook Tool
Question and Answer Tool
Share Resources Tool
Submit Files Tool
Voting Tool

System Adminstrators' Guide

Installation and Configuration

Using the Windows Installer
Building LAMS manually
Installing MySQL on Windows for LAMS
Installing Wildfire on Windows for LAMS
Production Server Settings
LAMS Configuration
LAMS/LMS Integration Setup
Updating the translations using a Language Pack
Supporting Math formulae in LAMS

General Administration

Creating DEBUG Logs
Import Users