LAMS server-to-server registration and deregistration service

In order to use this feature you must enable the "Enable remote server user registration" option in the sysadmin configuration settings menu.

In case any integrations want to register all the users at one go they can use the following API. Please note that required parameters are marked in bold.

External calls to LAMS

Add user to group lessons

You can add a user to group lessons by making a request to the Register Action on the LAMS side. For example:


The parameters are (in bold denotes mandatory fields):

Remove users from LMS lessons

You can remove user from group lessons by making the following request:


The parameters are (in bold denotes mandatory fields):

Reset user's time limit

You can resets user's time limit for all lessons in a group. It will work for lessons with scheduledToCloseForIndividuals setting on, otherwise it does nothing. Request format is as follows:


The parameters are (in bold denotes mandatory fields):