All LAMS tools must have a known signature. This signature will be used to ensure that jar file names do not conflict.

The signature will have the following format:


mm: is a two letter code denoting the maker of the tool
tttt: is a two to four letter code denoting the name of the tool
vv: is a two digit code indicating the major and minor version of the tool
For example, the survey tool produced by lams has a signature of lasurv10. The "la" indicates that it was developed by the main LAMS team, "surv" stands for "survey" and "10" indicates that it is version 1.0.

The tool's tables in the database should be named tl_<signature>_<rest of name>. For example, a survey tool table is tl_lasurv10_survey_content. The signature is kept short to allow the database table names to be short. See Tool Database Considerations for more information.

The jar and war files for the tool must also use the signature. So the jar and war files for the survey tool are lasurv10.jar and lasurv10.war.

When you start developing a tool, please contact the Wiki Sysops to reserve your tool signature.

Existing Tool Signatures
Developed by the core LAMS team:

Chat lachat11
Forum lafrum11
IMS Content Package Display laicp10
Multiple Choice lamc11
Noticeboard lanb11
Question and Answer laqa11
Resources larsrc11
Scribe lascrb11
Submission lasbmt11
Survey lasurv10
Voting lavote11