Wiki Tool

The Wiki Tool allows for authors to create content pages that can link to each other and, optionally, allow Learners to make collaborative edits to the content provided.

This animation describes how to create and use the Wiki activity.

For a history of Wiki's and a discussion of how they work, we suggest Wikipedia's excellent page on Wiki's..

There are some important things you should know about Wiki's:

  • They are not static. In LAMS, authors can allow Learners to edit existing Wiki content. They can add or remove text and images, etc, but the important thing to note is that
  • Nothing on a wiki is ever 'lost'. The LAMS Wiki tool allows monitors (and learners if permitted) to view the history of a page. This shows all of the changes that have been made to the page; who made them and when; and, for monitors, a link to revert the page to a previous state.

Learners using the Wiki tool in sequences should check out the Wiki Learner's Guide.