Here are the steps for creating wink pages in translation sites.

Make sure you are editing the page using Wiki Markup notation.
The ! ! embedding macro will not work properly using Rich Text view.

  1. Compile the animation in the Wink program - you will need the .swf file that the wink program creates.

  2. Create a page in Confluence with an appropriate title, eg: A New Wink Animation

  3. Click Select a page template

  4. Select the Wink Page template

  5. Save the page.

    You must save the page before you upload attachments, as new pages cannot have attachments until they are created and saved.

  6. Click Attachments

  7. Upload the .swf file.

  8. Remember the file name of the .swf that was just uploaded.

    Make sure to only use the filename not the URL of the attachment.

  9. Go back to the created page and click edit.

  10. Make several changes in Wiki markup mode: