Dimdim Web Conferencing

This tool is now deprecated as Dimdim is not longer available (see more).
If you need web conferencing tool, please see the Big Blue Button integration instead as it's far superior.

The Dimdim Activity [deprecated] provides a simple way to integrate Dimdim web conferences into a LAMS sequence.

Dimdim is a web service that provides document, whiteboard and desktop sharing through a browser environment, which means that there is no software to download for attendees.

A user guide for Dimdim is available for download here.

Setting Up Dimdim and LAMS

Installing Dimdim

Dimdim Community Edition is available as a VMWare based virtual image. This means that the Dimdim installation can be run from any operating system.

  • A user guide for installing the VMware appliance is here.
  • The Dimdim Appliance can be downloaded from Soureforge, here.
  • VMWare Player can be downloaded from here.

Configuring LAMS

Once you have a Dimdim Server up and running, there are several configuration changes in LAMS that are required.

You will need to have System Administration privileges to perform these changes.
If you are not the system administrator, contact the person who is.

  1. Select System Administration
  2. Select Tool Management
  3. Scroll down to Dimdim Tool and select Tool Management
  4. Select the Dimdim license you are using, either Standard or Enterprise
  5. Enter the URL of the Dimdim server and click Save.


If you are recieving the following error when attempting to Open or Monitor a Dimdim session:

javax.servlet.ServletException: Server version not defined

Please check that you have selected a Dimdim version under Tool Management.

Creating and Participating in a Dimdim Conference from LAMS.
Download Dimdim's guide to their conferencing software.