Support Activities

(formerly know as "Floating Activities")

Documentation for Support activities is here.

Support activities is to be implemented in LAMS version 2.3

Support activities are activities that are part of the learning design but not part of the sequence of activities. These are supporting activities that students can access at any time for reference (think of a glossary for instance).

Authoring time

At authoring time, we would have a container to add these activities as shown in this mock up

The teacher can add a maximum of 6 activities into the Support activity container. This container is similar to the optional activity container, but again, it cannot be part a sequence of activities. Also only tool activities can be added to the container. That means: no stop points, optional or sequence activities, branching, groups, etc.


At learner time the activities that are in the container in Author are now displayed in a new section in the Flash learner side

If the learner double clicks on any of these activities, then a pop-up opens showing that individual activity. After doing something in this activity, there's a close button to close the activity and get back to the sequence.

Technical implementation

The Support activities container, as well as the activities contained in it will be listed in the learning design. The container will inherit from the complex activity class.

Although the progress engine won't take the support activities into account, as they are not part of the sequence progression, it will record whether a learner has attempted them and their state.

The attempted state will also be shown in the learner as part of the Support activity flash window.